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Hachibushu is the screen name of a long time gamer, from the old days of the Atari 2600, the Apple ][e, the Odyssey 2… to the Xbox 360 and PC Gaming (haven’t picked a side in the latest console wars), I’ve always had a hand in video/computer games to some extent- even to the point of working in the computer gaming industry, though I quickly found that merging my two loves was not a good idea either monetarily, or for my hobby.


I’ve been particularly involved in MMOs over my gaming time. My time played in various MMOs would qualify me as a hardcore MMO gamer, but I am limited from being so by my particular form of alt-itis. My particular interests include PvP, exploration, lore, and crafting- I prefer to immerse myself in the game rather than play the mechanics. My first released MMO was City of Heroes, though I played World of Warcraft in beta well before City of Heroes released.

The other MMOs I have been heavily involved with include Tabula Rasa and Everquest 2, and those two largely informed my MMO play with the two guilds that I am still involved with- Invictus and Errant Venture.

Everquest 2 had deep systems that allowed the player to immerse in and explore the game world, and progress in ways other than through strict level progression (i.e. sandbox style play), while Tabula Rasa introduced to me a new style of MMO play- the action MMO. After that, I was at best dissatisfied with tab targeting and global cooldown type games, and at worst frustrated and limited. But action MMOs had not come of age.

During this time I tried Warhammer Online, Age of Conan, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Star Trek Online, and Guild Wars, and still dabble in DC Universe Online, Star Wars The Old Republic, Lord of the Rings Online, Champions Online, RIFT, Neverwinter, and Defiance. But all have left me wanting more, I’m hoping the The Elder Scrolls Online will finally be a place that I can settle into for a time. While it has action type combat, it has a depth and a freedom that others of it’s ilk just haven’t offered.

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At one point, my video gaming and pen-and-paper gaming identities were forced to diverge. I was unable to reclaim my standard screen name on XBox Live and Steam, and someone else had taken it on SOE. So I determined to create a new identity, and hachibushu was born. The Hachi Bushū (Eight Legions) are eight groups of sentient and supernatural beings said to be present when Shaka Nyorai (Historical Buddha) expounded the Flower Sutra on Vultures Peak (also called Eagle Peak). As a group of Buddhist protectors, the name appealed to my sensibilities in life and in playing games.