Virtual Worlds Embedded Reporting

Reporting from varied virtual worlds on Twitch live, there is player-versus-player and player-versus-environment content displayed unedited. Sometimes, the reports will be from an immersive point of view, and other times, just camaraderie between friends that enjoy gaming together. One thing that is for certain, it’s unscripted, unplanned, and just plain fun.

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After Action Reports

After the action is done, experiences will be assessed, and intelligence analyzed in a series of reports – both from an in-game perspective, and not.

Reflections and Ruminations

Reflections and Ruminations on the games played and the tools utilized to play them is an important part of the site.  Expect news and reviews from a different perspective- concise, usable, and timely. is a website dedicated to intelligent conversation and analysis of video and computer games, with the intent of chronicling and reporting on experiences in the games covered. The list of covered games changes based on interest, rather than any external pressures, which is an approach that has its benefits and detriments. It is an exercise left to the reader and history to determine if this approach is better or worse than others.

The primary currently covered game is The Elder Scrolls Online – through text and video coverage, and analysis of both will this site hopefully provide valued content that is of use to other gamers in enhancing their experience. Other games that may appear from time to time currently include Defiance, Neverwinter, and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

## Guild and Alliances


Adventuring in games- from MMO or not- is more fun with allies. The following are the guilds I have membership in.

Errant Venture

Errant Venture was originally originally spun off the EQ2 Daily podcast with a heavy involvement in the Everquest 2 scene. As that interest waned, the shared adventures in that world of Norrath had created a group of like-minded individuals that forged bonds that carried over into other worlds. Though involvement in EQ2 had dissipated, involvement in Errant Venture had not!

The Last Resistance

The Elder Scrolls Online has introduced many features that have been new and controversial. One of those is the limits on guilds. Combine that with the extremely competitive nature of Cyrodil, and to perform at peak levels, an alliance with a larger guild was more than necessary. But the reasons behind my never being in such could not be ignored- even with those limitations, The Last Resistance welcomed me, and it has been a good fit!

Invictus/Nos Tutari

Invictus was the official guild of PlanetTR, a very active forum in the ill-fated Tabula Rasa. Even as that game met its untimely fate, the bonds forged on that far away world did not follow suit, and through several games, the comraderie continued.

## Characters and Backgrounds


Though I’m not a die hard roleplayer in MMOs, my roleplaying background does show through, and I enjoy making characters that have a life of their own.  Here find the stories of a select few.

Demeter Enesi

Auda ibn-Jad

Gwyneth Celendon