QuakeCon 2014 has come and gone, and one of the invitees was Zenimax.

They brought several heavy hitters to talk about the future of ESO, including:

  • Brian Wheeler – Lead PvP Designer
  • Rich Lambert – Lead Designer
  • Jesse Mcintyre – Lead Programmer
  • Paul Sage – Creative Director
  • Nick Konkle – Lead Gameplay Designer
  • Jared Carr – Art Director

Each one talked about a specific part of the plan going forward:

Imperial City with Brian Wheeler

PvE Content with Rich Lambert

Facial Animation with Jesse Mcintyre

Champion System/Veteran System with Paul Sage

Justice System with Paul Sage

Spellcrafting with Nick Konkle

Itemization and Adventure Zones with Jared Carr

There’s a lot of information there, and Dulfy actually has a very good breakdown of what they said in each, so I won’t replicate her stellar work.

These are just the highlights; the full video can also be found on youtube – the best example is embedded below.