So, my HDD started failing, and I moved my steam installation. I’ve done it before with great success, so wasn’t really concerned. Everything worked (at least that I’ve tried so far), but Skyrim didn’t. It kept thinking that the files should be on the old HDD. I wasted time downloading 6.8 GB of data only to find out it put it on the old HDD. I restarted steam, restarted my computer… but no joy. So then I started to look outside of the steamapps install dir. Though Steam support says to copy the whole directory, there’s one thing they didn’t mention. There are appmanifest files with the number of the game appended to them. The are .acf files, but they open fine in Notepad++. The one for skyrim had a hardcoded path. D’oh! So I changed it, restarted, and everything was fine. Hopefully that saves someone some time….