I started following the new Champions Online Community Manager (and current(?)/former(?) Star Trek Online Community Manager) @Cryptic_Stormy on twitter. Today, he made a post that started me thinking. The post is below, and my thoughts follow. I’m going to try to post these about other topics too.

Starting a new character for Champs, gonna playthrough 1-40 over the next couple of weeks.

If we pay monthly for a subscription to an MMO, I would think that the journey should take more than a couple of weeks, and not devolve into grinding over the time that it takes. I’m assuming that since he’s doing this as part of his job, this journey will take 4 weeks (being generous) at 6.5 hours a day (the calculation I always use for productive worker hours in a standard 8 hour day). So that’s 130 hours.

130 hours. Put into that perspective, that’s not a lot of time, even casually. I play maybe 1/10th of that a week. So in 13 weeks, I’m to cap if I push towards it. A little over 3 months. And Champions Online isn’t the most content-filled MMO, so from what I’ve seen at least half of that is a grind.

Shouldn’t we expect more from MMOs?