I haven’t been posting much lately (surprise, surprise), but this idea prompted me to.

It’s pretty exciting news to me as a gamer. It would be great if everyone could get on one bandwagon as far as this is concerned, but with the cow already out of the fence in regards to one site for downloading pc software, I doubt it.

Partial Excerpt:

We love it when companies just get it. Valve Software and its announcement of SteamCloud is a prime example. As reported by John Walker at Rock, Paper, Shotgun, SteamCloud will let anyone using Valve’s Steam PC game download and networking service carry over saved game files, mouse, and keyboard configurations and other player-specific info regardless of where you log in. In other words, if you’re at a friend’s house and you want to jump into a game of Team Fortress 2 on his or her PC, all you need to do is log in to Steam and all your settings are there.

This is one reason I love MMOs. Everything is in the cloud. With some things, I’m sort of resistant to this idea, but not save game information. I use my laptop for gaming when I’m not at my desk, and my desktop when I am. Steam has already let me have my games on both platforms, but to also have my saves on both platforms? That would be bonus! Again Steam is playing catch up- Live already lets you do that; my Fallout 3 saves transfer seamlessly, even to the point that games that are done while you’re logged off don’t even register on your account! But Steam has the momentum, so playing catch up while you have the speed behind you isnt a bad thing. Also Valve has more goodwill from the developer community than Microsoft…