I’ve been looking at Just Cause for a while. It reminded me a bit of Tropico for the PC, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but I was put off by the negative reviews. I shouldn’t have been. I finally bought it on special at GamersGate, and haven’t regretted it. Like an action movie, it starts out hard and heavy and doesn’t let up. You’re Rico Rodriguez—an undercover CIA operative specializing in regime change,and you’ve been called into San Esperito to do what you do best- take out the corrupt Generalissimo and help the revolution succeed.

The gameplay is spot-on, in a GTA-inspired manner that allows you to pull off outrageous stunts. It’s all about style, as you don’t get too bogged down in the firefights, inspiring you to pull off outrageous moves while gunning down foes in the best action movie style. Along the way, you perform missions to destabilize the region that you’re in as you move along a board to claim territories for the revolution. Sometimes it’s causing a drug war to stretch the government’s forces, and sometimes you have to get down and dirty and take out the forces in the area. You’re also building up your reputation with the cartel and the revolution to get access to better weaponry and devices.

The stunt system is a hilarious addition to spice up the GTA formula a bit- you can take over just about any vehicle, and take to the skies with your every useable parachute, sailing above your enemies, grappling to them and taking over their vehicles. It might not be realistic, but it’s cinematic, and fun!

It’s not perfect, and its for sure not politically correct, and it certainly doesn’t pay heed to physics in the stunt system. Notice I said in the stunt system, because the driving is spot on, and there are a lot of little touches- from the music to the acting- that drive it over the top. I’d definitely recommend it!